Monday, March 22, 2010

We Support Fair and Equal Employment Opportunity

In expressing our support for fair employment practices by employers in Singapore, Job-Q.com has joined more than 1200 employers (as of March 2010) signed the pledge of Fair Employment Practices with TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices).

We are in full support of the key principles of fair employment practices as recommended by TAFEP, which basically cover the following:
  • Recruit and select employees on the basis of merit, such as skills, experience and ability, regardless of age, race, gender, religion or family status.
  • Treat employees fairly and with respect and implement progressive human resource management systems.
  • Provide employees with equal opportunities for training and development based on their strengths and needs, to help them achieve their full potential.
  • Reward employees fairly based on their ability, performance, contribution and experience.
    Abide by labour laws and adopt Tripartite Guidelines which promote fair employment practices.
We would like to invite all employers posting job vacancies in our site to follow these guidelines when posting job vacancies in Job-Q.com:
No indication of preference for non-Singaporean over Singaporean
When preference is specified, please justify, e.g., Prefer Filipinos - not acceptable. Prefer Thais, as the position will deal mainly with our Thai customers and required to speak Thai and understand Thai culture - acceptable, or prefer Indonesian as the customer service agent is mainly serving Indonesian clients, required to speak Bahasa Indonesia and have understanding of common Indonesian spending habit - acceptable.

No exclusion of certain nationality or race.
e.g., Filipino need not apply - unacceptable.

No gender preference unless relevant to the job
When certain gender is required, please provide justification. E.g., female shop assistant required - not acceptable. But female shop assistant for lingerie store serving mainly ladies. - acceptable.

No age limitation
Following the principle of hire on merit, please do not indicate age limit on job vacancy unless relevant to the job. E.g., Age 20-35 - not acceptable. But physical fitness is required to arrange goods on rack up to 15kgs - acceptable.

The above guidelines are not meant to be exhaustive. Please contact TAFEP at http://www.fairemployment.sg should you need help or clarification.

We would like to apologise should there be any oversight on our end to let postings in our site that is against the fair employment principles.We would request our site visitors to provide us with feedback here should you find any post that is against the fair employment principles. Please join us in working towards fair and equal employment job opportunity in Singapore. It is not a target that can be achieved overnight but it is a journey that will eventually benefits both employers and employee.
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