Friday, May 29, 2009

Great Singapore Sale 2009

Great Singapore Sale 2009 is on! It's 29 May 2009 to 26 July 2009.
What else you're waiting for? Get great deals up to 70% off during this period, fashion, jewellery, dining, spas, anything you name it. Just go to any mall islandwide and look out for the best bargain.
There are also special offers for tourists and visitors to Singapore during this period. Visitors and tourists to Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale are entitled to exclusive promotions on selected retail and lifestyle purchases. Take advantage of the season’s tourist privileges and rewards to enjoy even bigger bargains.
Make your move and make the most of this great sale!
See you at the shops.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making money on internet: A fact or myth?

The dream is very tempting-an on-line job from the comforts of home. After all, the advantages are far too many. You are free from the morning rush and hassles at the workplace. Not to forget the freedom and flexibility to decide on the amount and time of work. There are good monetary returns and you can move anywhere you want.

If the ads on the internet are to be believed there’s an overdose of money floating around. ‘Earn in six minutes’ ‘Earn $2000-10,000 salary, doing admin jobs’ ‘No sales or ads but earn like never before’-You’d have read these ads in your mailbox or seen them while browsing.

But, does internet pay? Let’s see:

The story unfolds like this: When you visit these websites, after oodles and oodles of promise, you get a bonus deal of the day. Further, you would be asked to take out a cheque for a specified amount to get a ‘kit’ with names of money making websites. After receiving the kit, you visit the websites mentioned only to find more bonus deals and kits. Meanwhile, these websites get money from the clicks done on their site and improve their traffic. Though not you, somebody did make money.

And if that bonus deal, by sheer luck, is real, you are advised to create a website or blog and cram it with articles, affiliate links, feeds and ‘click on ads’. But this method, even though it may pay, has many disadvantages. ‘Ad sense’ and ‘click me’ ads do bring in money but inviting traffic to your site is a painfully slow process. It may be years before you get money in your hands and this profit may not last long. Why? People look for value and flee when they find a better website offering more information. Technology keeps changing and you may end up burnt and dejected.

Got time for another story? Then step in survey schemes. There are many survey schemes in the garb of promising easy money. Here, you join networks to take surveys of different markets and products. After two surveys you are told that you get more money referring friends and you start referring all the people you know. Yet, the total amount, whatever you do, never comes to a profitable level. There are, be assured, many more stories/scams in the online market which are anything but genuine.

So is it a myth that online works pay? Well, not really, not if you are willing to work hard. Whatever be the job, without perseverance and dedication you won’t be able to achieve anything. So, if you want to do on-line jobs look out for freelance ‘work based’ opportunities. There are legitimate jobs available ranging from data entry, writing/editing, animation, design, and so on. Concentrate on any one of the jobs and try to build a strong foundation. Take time and effort to learn the trade and talk to the experts in the field.

Sooner or later, you’ll reap the rewards of hard work. If you want to see what's in the market for making money online, please check in the forum. Please remember, it is easier to part with your money than to get rich overnight.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Insurance Agent as a Career

In this economic downturn, there are many jobs gone, many people jobless, yet there are many people in Singapore shun away from job offer as insurance agent. It is ironic as demand from insurance companies are still there, they are recruiting.
Common reasons for people not to choose this job amongst others are:
  1. Because an insurance agent earns mainly from commission without basic salary.

  2. Because many people do not feel comfortable with direct selling, face to face persuasion.

Below are some facts and information about an insurance agent (also referred as Financial Planner):

The Work
An FP develops and manages relationships with retail/mass market clients. FPs will determine the clients’ risk profiles, understanding each unique individuals' needs, and provide recommendation on the most suitable financial products.

For Financial Planners, extended hours are not uncommon, as they have to fit the potential clients' time for meetings. Some extra hours may also be needed to handle administrative matters, or conduct weekend sales road shows.

Working as insurance agent is not as simple as selling insurance policies. Current array of insurance products are more and more complex as many of them also tied to investment instruments. A FP typically requires a Degree, Diploma or other relevant professional qualifications e.g. the Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

As an FP gains more experience, he can aspire to manage clients with larger sums to invest (e.g. by progressing to become a Unit Manager), specialize in a product (e.g. pension and retirement planning). Some may move laterally into a complementary area of work (e.g. product structuring, compliance) and yet others may consider launching their own businesses as independent financial advisers.

Other important skills:
• Possess strong communication and listening skills
• Have the ability to network and establish relationships with clients
• Possess persuasiveness, determination and tenacity
• Possess self-motivation and organisational skills
• Have high levels of numeracy
• Be attentive to details
• Have a target-driven mindset
• Have confidence and the resilience to cope with setbacks and to survive difficult circumstances

A considerable portion of an FP’s pay will depend on the commissions or bonuses earned on meeting and exceeding sale targets, most of them even earn from commissions only. The levels of commissions and bonuses vary according to the employer.
There are some insurance companies who provide some allowance (for certain period like 3 months to 6 months) for new joiner who wish to start a career as an FP. The amount also varies and not all companies provide this allowance.

Please see our list of insurance-related jobs

--- Added on 3 June 2009 ---
Job-Q.com received some inquiries on contacts to start insurance agent career.
We are unable to provide the contacts at this moment.
We would like to invite insurance companies to provide the contacts here. Thank you.

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