Sunday, August 9, 2009

Countering the first day in office

Come tomorrow and it would be your first day in office. You are a volcano of emotions ranging from anxiety to happiness. You have to be because, the first day is a precursor to your bright future; remember the first day at college? So tomorrow a great day and you can, indeed, make it the best day of your life.
On the first day at work, believe it or not, you’d be scrutinised by many eyes. In fact even if a soul in the office doesn’t notice you, you’ll feel like a celebrity in a room full of paparazzi. And so, you’ll need self confidence to keep your head afloat. Clearly, your dress should be comfortable and help your confidence. Check out the dress code of the office you work for, if only formal dress is permitted follow it.
Plan to reach the office at least 20 minutes earlier than the office hour. Even if you get caught up in something unexpected, you’ll manage to get back on time. Punctuality is the expected and not the exceptional norm, and giving excuses for late coming is the best way to get into the bad books of your superiors.
Arrange your documents like tax details, bank account statements and documentation from previous employers. You’ll definitely need them on the first day. When the Finance department or HR asks for documents, prompt and clever you can hand it over cheerfully.
Now to the scenario in the office: Your HR was responsible for bringing you into the company. Forget that you didn’t like his scrutinizing gaze or uncomfortable questions, go to him to express your gratitude. The role of a HR doesn’t end with the recruitment but stays throughout and hence better to start off on a good note.
If you are planning to impress everyone with your great sense of humour-hold it. The last thing you want to do is offend somebody with your jokes. You don’t know the likes and dislikes of people around you and sensitive souls will hold grudges longer than you expect.
Meanwhile, be polite to everyone in the office. Remember to say thank you and please. Though tempting don’t try to compliment people unnecessarily on the first day. Also, avoid excessive fashion statements like big bracelets, dark shades and trendy jewellery. And, don’t forget to carry a pen, you may be living in a digital world but would still need a pen in office.
As you start working, you’ll be tempted to compare your last office to the present one. Don’t try to voice the differences between the companies. Each company will have a unique working style and it’s imperative that you follow the style. Even if you are free, don’t take frequent breaks and ask many questions. Both will irritate your superior.
Inevitably, on the first day, you’ll find your work very difficult or very boring. This shouldn’t let you make hasty judgements about the company and work. Getting into the grove of things will take time so just be prepared to work hard and enjoy your stay.

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