Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Upfront Payment or Fee to Apply for Job is Scam

We wish our users to note, that there should not be any employer or recruitment agency asking for upfront/advance payment for any fee related to the processing of job application. If you find any job vacancy advertisement anywhere that is asking you to pay sum of money, it's a scam!
The most common modus operandi of these fraud, the scammers pose as HR department from "Hotel in London", "Oil Company in Nigeria", or from any other companies, posting "job vacancies", mostly on internet, and targeting foreigners.
While it doesn't mean that all jobs with similar nature with the ones I mentioned above are scam, it is important to recognize the signs of such scam:
  1. If the "HR Department" is using Yahoo mail, or Hotmail, or any other email addresses that is not from the company's domain, you should be more alert.
  2. Some scammers also using sub-domain email address that makes it look real, like e.g., HRDept@hilton.maindomain.com
  3. The "HR Personnel" is asking for upfront payment with many reason, processing fee, document handling fee, visa application fee, ticket fee, etc. No company asks for payment from the applicant to get the job.
  4. The scammers usually requesting for payment with sense of urgency, trying to make shortest possible time to think to make use of people who is too excited and think illogically. For example, "Please make the payment within 2 days of this letter, failing which, we will consider the offer void".
In Singapore, it is an offence for a company to recover any recruitment related expenses from their foreign worker (commonly called kickback offence).
If anyone has any information of such malpractices or would like to report such offence, you can contact Ministry of Manpower at +65 64385122 or email mom_fmmd@mom.gov.sg

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