Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Recession and job cuts

Here comes the global recession again. Have you felt the impact yet? Surely yes. What's next? As usual in previous recessions in the past, soon there will be jobs cut, retrenchments. If you're working and not inheriting massive wealth, you too better be prepared. You would know what it means to be retrenched if you had been through it. Or if you only have heard, have friends who had it before, trust me, it's painful. So what can we do to reduce the odds of being retrenched? Here's some pointers that will help:

  1. Focus on your work. How many of you really spend 8.5 hours working in an 8.5 hours workday? How long do you spend daily to have tea break, smoke break, chit-chat, internet browsing, internet social networking, and similar time-wasting activities? No matter how discreet it is, believe it or not, bosses have rough idea on who is the big timer in this area, they will be strong candidates when axing is coming. Keep in mind, you work to work, we can't deny there are some personal activities in work time, keep it discreet and minimum and focus on doing what you're suppossed to do, i.e., work!
  2. Contribution and visibility. As often said, give the extra miles, but please, not without being noticed. Don't be too obvious that you're blabbering though.
  3. Punctuality. If you're coming late to work, don't be late to leave the office at the end of the day, so at least you're not late twice in a day. No, that was a joke. Let me tell you, if you report late to work often, no matter how well you hide it, it will be noticed and that will strengthen your candidacy to be axed when time comes.

Those are 3 obvious points. I invite you to leave comment if you think there's good point to take care to lessen the chance of being retrenched.

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