Monday, July 6, 2009

Get Yourself Noticed at the Workplace

The promotion has just gone to your colleague, why? Well, because you were an expert at camouflaging yourself at work. Without knowing any mantras, you knew how to disappear behind your desk like a magician. The cost, though, has been high and now you want to get noticed, don’t you?

There are no instant quick fix medicines to solve this problem. However, there are many steps-mantras; if you can call them so-one can take to get noticed:

Have an opinion: Small or big, an organisation always has meetings. Yes, the place where there’s talk for results and talk for the sake of it. However you view meetings, voice your opinion. Read the agenda in advance and form you thoughts, or write them down for clarity. It’s not necessary that you tow the majority opinion, make your opinion count.
Work hard: Nothing beats work in the office place. Remember, there’s no excuse for being lazy and cribbing at the workplace. Enjoy and love your work. A day planner (in the computer or as a book) can help prioritise tasks. Get you name into the newsletter through your achievements.
Control your anger and frustration: If you get angry very often and if you can count from 1-10, then there’s no problem. When anger comes rushing, start counting. You’ll get noticed for the wrong reasons if you let your temper get its way.
Increase your visibility ratio: It pays to be a known face in the company. Try to increase your visibility ratio by participating in different events. Companies, almost all of them, have various clubs like eco club or book reading club. Join some and make new groups. So, gone are the days when you frowned upon the weekend camp, count yourself in.
New ideas: Bring in new ideas to the work place. People notice new ideas than you expect them to. It can be as simple as saving two minutes of office time or a new excel sheet to accelerate tasks.
Keep off the gossip table: If you like gossip, it’s time to shut up. Forget the benefits of gossips keeping you lively or help make conversations. More often than not, gossips can hamper your growth prospects, above all your reputation. If a secret comes to you, let it remain so.
Be accountable: Mistakes can and do happen at the workplace. Here, don’t attempt to cover it up-you may be found-or run away from it. Accept you mistakes and take responsibility for your actions. Better still, learn from the mistakes and never repeat them.
Get additional qualifications: Try to be ambitious enough to know everything in your line of work. Read magazines, journals and reports of the industry. Share good articles and reports with your colleague- knowledge grows when shared. Your colleagues would appreciate and so will your superiors.
Commend your colleagues: Now, there’s the new concept of living frugal to get over the economic crisis. But, don’t be frugal in praising your colleagues. Make it a target of ‘ten praises’ a day. You’ll get at least five in return, which is not bad math.
If you follow these steps you will, to be sure, be more noticeable than a peacock.

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